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Boron Oxide

Product:  Boron Oxide

Other name:  Boron Trioxide, Boric anhydride, Boron anhydrous, Boric Oxide

CAS NO:  1303-86-2

Molecular formula:  B2O3


White crystal or powder. Relative density is 2.46.


It is a raw material used for making element boron and boride. Also can used in Specialty glass, Specialty ceramics, Refractory material, Glazes and enamels, Metallurgy, Chemical reactions and etc..



Special grade

Electronic grade

Content of B2O3 (%)

98.8 min

99.0 min

SiO2 (%)

0.10 max.

0.10 max.

Al2O3 (%)

 0.005 max.

 0.005 max.

 CaO (%)

0.01 max.

0.01 max.

 Fe2O3 (%)

0.005 max.

0.005 max.

Na (%)

0.02 max.

0.02 max.

H2O (%)

0.60 max.

0.50 max.

Particle size(pass 60mesh sieve)

95.0 min.

97.0 min.

Packing: 25KG Kraft bag.


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