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Calcium Peroxide

Product:   Calcium Peroxide

CAS NO:  1305-79-9

Molecular formula:  CaO2


Calcium Peroxide is a fine, pale yellow, odorless powder,Poorly soluble in water,Very microscopic solubility in water, slow sustained release oxygen with In humid air or water. 


1.  Used as disinfectant, preservative, antacids, oil bleach and closed cement quick drying agent.

2.  Calcium peroxide can repair contaminated soil/groundwater, provide oxygen for aerobic organisms.

3.  When will this product used in a pond fish, can quickly increase the oxygen content in water body, at the same time produce reactive oxygen species and calcium hydroxide have weak sterilization and algal inhibiting effect, make the PH value increases, reduce the ammonia nitrogen and nitrite, concentration of hydrogen sulfide material, added water beneficial elements.

4.  In the food, dental powder, cosmetics manufacturing used as additive, also used for oxide cathode materials.




Available Oxygen (%)

16.0 min.

Content of CaO2 (%)

75 min

Moisture (%)

2.0 max.

PH value


Bulk Density (g/l)


 Particle size Distribution (%)

    Through 100 mesh


Through 200 mesh

50 max.

Hazard Class:  5.1        UN No. 1457 

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