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Potassium Fluorosilicate

Product:   Potassium Fluorosilicate

CAS NO:  16871-90-2

Molecular formula:   K2SiF6    


White crystal or powder, odorless , tasteless, slight acidic. hexagonal crystal. Relative Density 3.08.


Wood preservatives. Potassium glass, optical glass and opaque glass used in the manufacture, pesticides used as insecticides, but also for ceramics, synthetic mica.



Type 1

Type 2

Content (%)

99.0 min.

98 min.

Free acid (H2SiF6) (%)

0.1 max.

0.5 max.

Sulphate (SO4) (%)

0.01 max.

0.2 max.

Chloride (Cl) (%)

0.05 max.

0.1 max.

Heavy metal (Pb) (%)

0.005 max.

0.01 max.

Water insoluble (%)

0.1 max.

0.5 max.

Loss on drying (105ºC/2H)

0.2 max.

0.5 max.

Packing: 25KG bag.

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