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Potassium Persulfate

Product:   Potassium Persulfate

CAS NO:  7727-21-1

Molecular formula:   K2S2O8 


White crystalline powder, flavorless. Soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol.


Used as desizing agent and bleaching activating agent. Used in oxidation degradation of harmful matters in water pool and closed recirculated water system. Used as modification agent in the production of starch, also used in adhesive and coating production. Used in the oxidation of branched chain, the hydroxyl oxidation of alcohol and aromatic compounds. Used as one of the basic ingredients in hair dye, with decoloring action.




Content (%)

99.0 min.

Iron(Fe) (%)

0.001 max.

Chloride and Chlorate(Cl) (%)

0.01 max.

Ammonium Salt(NH4) (%)

0.5 max.

Manganese(Mn) (%)

0.0001 max.

Heavy metail(Pb) (%)

0.0005 max.

Moisture (%)

0.15 max.

Packing: 25KG bag.

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