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Sodium Persulfate

Product:  Sodium Persulfate

CAS NO: 7775-27-1

Molecular formula:   Na2S2O8


White crystalline powder. Easy deliquescence. Easy soluble in water and alcohol. Melting point 130ºC.Boiling point 482ºC.


Used in the cleaning and acid washing of metal surface. Used in accelerate the treatment process of low-concentration formalin adhesive. As modification agent used in the production of starch, also used in adhesive and coating production. As one of the basic ingredients used in hair dye, with decoloring action. Used in desizing agent and bleaching activating agent.




Sodium Persulfate (%)

99.0 min.

Heavy Metal (Pb) (%)

0.0015 max..

Iron(Fe) (%)

0.0015 max.

Manganese(Mn) (%)

0.0005 max.

Chloride and Chlorate(Cl) (%)

0.01 max.

Ammonium salt(NH4) (%)

0.10 max.-

Active Oxygen (%)

6.58 min.

Moisture (%)

0.10 max.


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