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Diethyl Carbonate (DEC)

Product:  Diethyl Carbonate (DEC)

CAS NO: 105-58-8

Molecular formula:  C5H10O3

Structure formula: 



Colorless, Transparent Liquid with ester aroma. Melting point of -43°C and a boiling point of 126.8°C. It can be mixed with such organic solvents as alcohol, ketone, ester, etc. at any proportion but it is slightly soluble in water.


It is fine solvent and textile auxiliary agent and widely used as ehylating, carbonating and carbonaylethoxylating reagents in organic synthesis and as solvents of nitro-cotton, cellulose ether, synthetic resin and natural resin. In the textile printing and dying industry, diethyl carbonate could make dyeing uniformity and increase fading assistance against sunshine, as solvent of resin, it is a nice solvent of polyamide, polyacrylonitrile and diphenol resin and can improve feel of the textiles and anti-crease quality in the synthetic fiber industry, used as paint remover, used to prepare the electrolyte in the synthetic and lithium cells. And in the pharmaceutical industry, diethyl carbonate is the basic ingredient of nard and used to synthesize intermediate Phenobarbital ext., thus has extensive market-developing prospect.




Battery grade

Technical Grade


99.9 min.

99.5 min.

Methanol ,%

0.1 max

0.2 max.

Moisture ,%

0.1 max.

0.2 max.

Chroma (Pt-Co)

5 max.

10 max.

Hazard class: 3.2, UN 1161.

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